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Internal Combustion CounterbalanceCapacity : 5.0 – 7.0 TONS



INTERNAL COMBUSTION 5.0 – 7.0 TONS Baoli robust torque converter lift truck provides its users with consistently reliable performance and impressive productivity results — all while keeping the environment free from heavy exhaust and emissions. Find out more about Baoli trucks truly excels in heavy industrial environments under extreme conditions by contacting your local Baoli authorize dealer.


Large Pedel And Storage Box

large pedel is easy to get on the truck, storage box design is convenient for operator to store the tools or others

Power Cut-off Switch Under Engine Hood

Extending the battery life; saving more power when in delivery; protecting switch from moisture and improving safety

All Aluminium Radiator

Better cooling performance

Battery Protection Cover

Ensuring the battery security and protect battery from moisture

Built-in Fuel Filler

Built-in fuel filler and engine hood lock improves the fuel security

Rear Mirror With Wide Angel

Apply the wide angel mirrors in the left and right rear mirrors to widen the rear view, ensuring safe operation.

Structure Painting Technology

KION feature structure painting helps to improve safety and is easy to touch up.

Integrated joints

New 24 degree cone & O-ring integrated joint is accordance with ISO standard, reducing the oil leakage rate by 99%, and extending the lifespan by 3 timesa

Enlarged thermovent

The cooling area is increased by 20%, cooling efficiency is largely improved, engine can be better protected.

Operation Platform

Operator Friendly interface and fully plastic covered, if compared with CPCD series, it is 5CM larger in leg room.


Internal Combustion CounterbalanceCapacity : 5.0 – 7.0 TONS


LED Head Lamp

Flash Light


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